Are you thinking of attending your first ever Chic Geek event?
Rest assured, we've all been there and we know it can feel intimidating #sadface
To start, take a deep breath and give yourself HUGE KUDOS for taking that first BIG step into trying something new!
We are a group of friendly faces and even if the room feels like a wall of the unfamiliar, remember that we're here to support, to network, and to grow together.





To be a Chic Geek simply means:
you are BRAVE, you are CURIOUS, and you SUPPORT each other.


You don’t need to be super technical. If you’re interested in learning, this is the place for you!


At Chic Geek, we’re inclusive. That means men are welcome at all of our events. Gentlemen Geeks are an important part of our community - they are allies that champion diversity.


We also use an inclusive definition of 'women', encouraging the participation of diverse identities traditionally underrepresented in technology.

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Attending any event for the first time is often intimidating even for the most outgoing person, but with a little prep, you can help ease the anxiety and walk in with your head high and ready to have some fun.


Below are 5 little tips that can help you feel a little more confident going to any gathering.

1. Get all the info

  • Read all the registration information and add all the event details into your phone so you have the correct time and address.

  • Take a moment to Google the location (and save it if you can) so you have an idea what where in the city the event is being held.

  • Make note of travel time if available.

  • Look at the street view if possible, so you can visualize the building or familiar landmarks.

  • Locate parking, or note transit stops.

  • Download any workshop materials, 


All these little details only take a few minutes but knowing where you're going and how much time you need can make all the difference between feeling excited rather than flustered when you arrive.


2. Check out Social Media

Often, organizers will post additional content or information about the event on various social media channels. Chic Geek uses FACEBOOK and TWITTER primarily to share info. By following select feeds in the days leading up to an event, you can get a feel for the organization, how they communicate (are they formal or casual, fun or serious, etc.) and get to know them from afar.


By following social media, you also get exposed to comments other group members make and potentially find someone who may already be in your social circle or get the opportunity to reach out yourself. Ask if anyone else is attending and if they want to meet up at the event or start a conversation ahead of time. Taking the time to get to know some kindred spirits puts you miles ahead of where you started.


3. Aim to be early

Not hours early, but 15 minutes so you can enter, survey the room, find a comfortable spot and take control of your space. Arriving in a fluster moments before an event starts often leaves one searching for the last available seat. This cushion also gives you time to grab a drink, go to the washroom, or start up a conversation with a nearby friendly face.


Most importantly, it gives you time to breathe.


4. Eye contact

It may seem obvious, but making eye contact when you feel anxious is something we tend to avoid at all costs, yet it can mean the difference between being alone and being integrated into a social event. Instead of looking at each other, we tend to check our emails, surf facebook, watch goat videos... anything to avoid looking as nervous as we feel.


The thing is, when we put our phones away, we open ourselves to others around us. Looking up and making eye contact with another person looking for a seat or work station can make all the difference between being a wall and connecting with the group. We are all there for a common purpose: to be brave, to stay curious and to support each other. 


5. Smile

You do it every day: when you meet a friend, get that perfect latte, or finally got around to watching GOAT VIDEOS, but now's the real test: smile at a stranger when you'd rather hide under the table, watch goat videos and drink your latte alone. It's hard, but once you've mustered up the courage to follow through on tip #4, a smile makes all the difference. PEOPLE WILL SMILE BACK. We promise.


It's such a small thing that makes all the difference. It breaks the tension and lets the other person know you are as nice as you look and in turn asks "is this seat free?" (to which you reply "not at all! have you been to one of these before?") Once you have mastered the smile, SHARE THIS and you'll be laughing in no time.


... And lastly

Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions you many have, connect with a team member, or just get some reassurance. We are here to support each other and that includes YOU.


You can view our TEAM PROFILES HERE so you can recognize a friendly face when you arrive!