The IT Factor Recap

March 9, 2013


We had a great turnout at our first Chic Geek Event with almost 90 people emerging to support diversity in Calgary’s startup community. The energy was great, we saw a lot of new faces and most importantly, we felt a truly inclusive and supportive sense of community start to build.


It brought out a whole new crowd of eager females (and males) who wanted to get involved in the startup community.

– Jenn Egroff, Chic Geek Supporter


We had four great women come out and provide a lot of inspiring insight to young, aspiring women and men, both in tech and not in tech. An important point we want to point out is that none of the speakers had super techy backgrounds. They weren’t mathematicians, programmers or engineers. Instead, their backgrounds were in marketing, graphic design, HR and medicine. And they’re all successful in the hi-tech and startup scene. This just goes to show that anybody can be a part of this cool community.  If you’re reading this blog, we want you to remember that. And if you’re new to this industry, remember you have unique and valuable skills that add a lot of value, so get involved!


The speakers were amazing, I learned a lot and gained inspiration and insight.

– Ami Ballman, Chic Geek Supporter


One of the key themes that emerged during the event was the value of relationships. Almost every speaker – Sharon McIntyre (Chaordix), Kylie Lakevold (TypeWhale), Victoria MacLean (Beaucoo) and Breanne Everett (Orpyx) – touched on this idea in some way or another. From the importance of developing your network to supporting each other in achieving your dreams, relationships were identified as an evident key to success. The concept seems cliché, but it’s not about having the most business cards in your Rolodex. It’s about building lasting relationships of mutual benefit. It’s about building friendships between peers and mentor opportunities with role models.  This theme was definitely a warm fuzzy for us because The Chic Geek is one of the first steps towards building meaningful relationships. So come out and build one with us!


We’ve been working hard in the aftermath of our first event, trying to build the right infrastructure to keep growing. The overwhelming community support has become the catalyst, driving us to think bigger and better.  We’re growing, too, taking on volunteers and expanding our team because if you’re as excited about The Chic Geek as we are, we’ll find a place for you! We’re planning our next events for April and May, so stay tuned!


On an interesting note, we wanted to share a few of the numbers with you, so you can get a sense of the community that’s building: 


90% of attendees were willing to recommend the Chic Geek to a friend. That’s GREAT because

we’re a mostly word-of-mouth organization. That means every time you share The Chic Geek wit someone else, you’re contributing directly to building diversity in Calgary’s startup community.


92% would come out to another Chic Geek event. We’re so excited to see everyone again at our next events planned for April and May! This also indicates that this is a network poised to grow, so come out, get involved and be a part of it!


We’ve also been getting some really great feedback from you! Here are what some of your fellow Chic Geek supporters had to say!


The speakers were not only accomplished but inspiring to the task at hand, offering an insight into women within Tech.

– Dario Hudon-Verelli, Chic Geek Supporter


This event was amazing. Everything the speakers said was intriguing and made me think. Kudos for organizing such a great event.

– Carlie Tollifson, Chic Geek Supporter


I’m extremely excited to see an organization encouraging female participation in the tech industry. Long overdue. Will have a significant, positive long-term impact for Calgary.

– Jaret Hargreaves, Chic Geek Supporter


And if you missed our first event, The IT Factor, you can check out the summary slides located here:


The IT Factor from The Chic Geek


Also, check out these other awesome blog posts about the event by Kylie Lakevold at TypeWhale and Dario Hudon-Verelli at Octopus and Son.





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