Why you need to know JavaScript

June 26, 2013


If you’ve attended any of our Chic Geek events, you know how important learning code can be. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student or a professional, knowing how to use code to run and debug your website can be a life-saver. And if you attended our HTML & CSS workshop in May, or know just enough about HTML to answer the first three questions on this quiz, you already have a head start on learning a new programming language.


So why JavaScript?


Every time you open your web browser, you see JavaScript in action. And if you go into your preferences and disable it, you’ll notice the effects right away. Google searches won’t autocomplete, Facebook won’t let you post status updates and Twitter won’t load old posts. That’s because you’re missing one of the core three programming languages all browsers use: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


JavaScript in action. Google won’t make these suggestions if you have JavaScript disabled.



JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language, used in everything from website animations and shopping carts to applications for your tablet and smartphone. It plays nicely with HTML and CSS, and best of all? It’s easy to learn! JavaScript is also important to know, because like any programming language, one missing punctuation mark can make the whole thing stop working.


If a website you work with uses JavaScript (and chances are high), it’s useful to be able to do some basic debugging. An old cliche says that while you’d like computers to do what you want them to do, they’ll always do exactly what you tell them to. Learning JavaScript means that you’ll speak the language of the websites you work with every day.


Learning the basics of WordPress at the June 2013 Ladies Learning Code Workshop


During our JavaScript workshop on Saturday, July 6, we’re going to learn how to build a shopping cart and a snazzy photo viewer. The course includes lots of real-life examples, problems to test out on your own and support from our many mentors. You won’t be on your own during this course; everyone has something to learn, and we’re all willing to help each other out!


Our instructor, David Luecke, specializes in front end web development and is heavily involved in Calgary’s tech community. He’s an organizer of Pixels and Pints and the monthly JavaScript Meetup. He currently works at Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting and training company.


If you’re interested in volunteering with The Chic Geek, sign up here to join our Mentor Mailing List. We’ve got all the mentors we need for JavaScript, but we run workshops every month!

Written by Jack Giesen


Jack is a communications freelancer and all-around social media geek. She helps local businesses create measurable, revenue-driven online marketing strategies, and loves to talk tech, design and local culture. Get intouch on Twitter or Google+



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