Python: definitely not a reptile!

March 4, 2014


In the world of programming, Python is strong and flexible. But don’t let its similarities to a big snake freak you out! The comparisons pretty much stop there…


What Is Python?


If you don’t know any programming languages and want to try your hand at coding, Python should be your new BFF.


Python is a programming language that’s used for web development, scientific computing, data crunching, and all around fun and profit. Like Ruby, Python has clean, easy to read syntax – meaning you’ll be spending more time getting down to business and less time feeling confused and looking up syntax on google.


Why Learn Python?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of these websites:






All of these websites use Python. In addition to being a simple language, Python is also free (yay!), open source, and can be used cross-platform, so it gives you lots of options for using it in different environments.


Want more proof that Python is amazing? It’s used at NASA!


Now that you’re hooked, you’ll be excited to learn that Chic Geek and Ladies Learning Code will be teaching Introduction to Python on March 21st.



Former instructor Marie-Andree Langlois says:


“I learned Python as part of a software system class. My goal was to learn as many useful programming languages as possible and Python became one of my favourites, because it is one of the most intuitive languages I’ve learned. Its syntax is as close as possible as simply writing down instructions on a piece of paper which allows you to move up to doing more elaborate stuff more quickly."


My first Python project was to make a script for an online store that would update according to the inventory and take orders. I currently use Python on a regular basis for mathematical research, by using and developing the mathematical tool Sage, which is python base and written in Python.”


This sexy fractal was generated in Sage.


What makes Python a really great language is that so many frameworks and tools are built on top of it. You just have to learn one language and POOF! You know how to use all of these amazingly cool (and useful!) tools. For example, the open source tool Sage is used in mathematics and web frameworks like Zope, Django and Grok help you create web applications “more quickly with less code.”



Collect ‘Em All!


Once you learn one programming language, it’s easy to learn another one! The concepts you learn from this workshop will help you learn another language more quickly, and get you building your projects in no time at all. Join us on March 21st!


Written by Darcie Milliken


Darcie manages the Ladies Learning Code (LLC) partnership and is the lead for all Calgary workshops. Darcie majoried in cryptology, so if you ever need to crack a top secret code, she's the lady to talk to! Connect with Darcie on Twitter @derushie.



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