Mail Chimp: how to stay popular in the world of email subscriptions

November 18, 2015


We’ve all heard it before. Work smart, not hard. Be bold, be brave, and try something new!


With all the gimmicks of media, traditional marketing tactics may not work. You may need to branch out and create an image for your company that really stands out. So take a risk, try something different, and do it with a marketing tool that makes it really easy for you.


MailChimp is a platform that allows you to work smart, while also giving you the freedom and the tools to market your company in a creative way. More than 7 million people use MailChimp to design, send and track email marketing campaigns.


Mailchimp makes it easy to present creative content to your subscribers. They save you time by creating options that can pull your existing work, graphics or information from another site, and they ensure timed delivery. They also do the dirty work of tracking and analyzing the data you send out.


They’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t. MailChimp is extremely user-friendly, helpful, and the company is lighthearted with a good sense of humor.


Did you know that email lists are the #1 way to engage with customers and generate sales and real results?


E-mail lists average a return on investment (ROI) of $40 for every $1 spent.

This far outpaces the ROI of $2 for banner ads and $17 for keyword ads.


Email marketing gives you more control and finesse and failing to capture the email of potential prospects and fans is the biggest error you can make. Almost two out of three of customers prefer to receive permission-based marketing through email. So put more effort into building your email lists than your social media following and you will see tangible financial results.


Some tips to get people to engage and subscribe to your lists:

  • Make the forms easy to access easy, and visible: Company subscribers have grown over 375% with popover opt-in forms.

  • Pop-over forms  are not for everyone, so if you choose not to use them be sure your subscription is highly visual. Front and center on your website, both top, and bottom.

  • Embed a sign-up feature on your Facebook page, or include an opt in option that’s hard to miss.

  • Add “What’s in it for me” to the signup page- include what they will get with their subscription… weekly exclusive deals, free advice, templates or insider information. Really, anything that will further encourage a potential customer to sign up.

What do a marketer, small business-owner, and front-end developer have in common?

They can all benefit from the use of MailChimp!




If you’re a small business owner try a regular or plain- text campaign:


Regular Campaigns are well built, simple designs and allow for customization. These campaigns can be created in advance and sent out at a specific time or date.

  • Use their template designs to drag and drop content.

  • Choose a theme from a predesigned template. Plug in information and let the talented designers at MailChimp do the work for you.

  • If you’d like to code your own template, no problem. MailChimp makes it easy to include as much or as little of your own design as you’d like.

Plain-Text Campaigns are useful for simple, text-based emails.

  • These can be used for in-office emails or any plain text mass email you’d like to send out.

  • Weekly reminder emails to your coworkers? Group emails for a simple explanation? Plain-text campaigns are useful for getting your message out without the gimmicks.

If you’re a front-end developer, try the RSS-driven campaign, use merge tags to customize your emails, or design your own template with HTML.


RSS-Driven Campaigns pull the content directly from your blog or website, using pre-formatted merge tags.

  • Send out weekly or monthly newsletters which direct your subscribers to the newest post on your blog. MailChimp makes it very simple by provided pre-formatted merge-tags to tag your current content. You just update and tag your blog, choose a template, an audience, and time, and that’s it. Daily, weekly, monthly… it’s easy to set and forget.

  • You can also use merge-tags to customize emails to include the recipient’s first names, as well as include previously used content including author’s, comments and social media sharing buttons.

  • You can design your own email campaigns with basic HTML. MailChimp offers great advice for design and development including recommended fonts, pixels, dimensions, indents, and overall simplicity to get the most out of your custom design.

Are you in the field of marketing and need some quick research?


A/B Testing Campaigns make it easy to curate a data-driven campaign  specific to YOUR audience.

  • Research suggests different dates and times are best to send the content in order to obtain the most viewed campaigns. MailChimp will test up to three versions of your email. They change the subject line, send time, content, from name.  These slight variations yield huge results.

  • MailChimp will send out the test emails to a small portion of your list, pick the winning campaign and send that out to the remainder of your contacts. They do the research for you, providing impactful results.

The best part is you can sign up for MailChimp for free! MailChimp offers the features described above and packages based on the needs and size of your company. As your subscribers grow, MailChimp can manage and analyze this growth which does come with a fee, depending on the volume of emails you sent out.


Use the tools that technology has to offer us to increase your company’s productivity.


Sign up for MailChimp and be creative with what it has to offer.


Written by Maggie Maxwell


Maggie's role at Chic Geek includes content contributor for the blog, part of the TechStep team, and lead of the Speaker Development Program, now in the works. She is a registered nurse in the Neonatal ICU. Always up for a new adventure, she spent the last six months working in rural Yukon. Get in touch with Maggie through email.

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