7 Apps that will help you reach your 2017 goals!

January 19, 2017

Here at Chic Geek, our members come from a variety of backgrounds, are at different professional stages and have diverse skill-sets and interests. We examined the apps that made our lives, professionally or personally, easier in 2016. We wanted to share what worked for us in and outside of Chic Geek and hope that the apps might help you reach your 2017 resolutions!




Hours: For those that want to track how their time is spent

Kylie Toh, Founder


“It's a free time-tracking app that helps me keep track of the number of hours I spend on different projects. Since Chic Geek is entirely volunteer run, it's important that we know where our time is going and Hours helps us efficiently allocate our volunteer resources.” 





RunKeeper: For those that want to get into running

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz, Content Contributor


“This is much more of a personal app, but it's helped me from the fitness perspective, keeping me motivated with my running times, setting up specific run types, reminding me to run, etc. Super easy app to use and [I’d] highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to start their running.” 







iCalendar: For those that want to view multiple calendars in one place

Ty Tang, Partner Development


“[It] links all my google account calendars together, I like seeing a calendar view opposed to agenda - so this is ideal for me.” 







Slack: For those that need a professional and organized messaging platform

Asha Siad, Blog Team Leader


“I recently started using Slack to organize my work and connect with colleagues. It is super simple and convenient. I also like the DM feature that allows you to message yourself notes.”






That Day: For those that want to track the special, little moments in life

Karina Korpela, Content Contributor


“I am really bad in keeping track of important memories like my son's first step, or the first time he said mommy or even remembering which year our family went on vacation to Brazil. This app allows me to enter any import event, past or upcoming. I can be as specific as which day actually happened or more general like just the year.”



Stocks Apps (iCalendar, Notes, Maps): For those that appreciate simplicity and the basics

Janessa Linton, Data & Analytics


“As a new Chic Geek, new to a job and having existing volunteer commitments, my calendar is my best friend.  When I get an email or text my ical will pick up dates and make it very easy to add to my calendar.  The updated maps app is easy to use when trying to find a lot of the new spots around the city I’ve needed to find.  Not to mention in the search menu it has ideas for food/drinks, shopping, fun and travel that are nearby.  Using the notes app is a great way to take notes during a meeting or at home, preventing you from having a lot of those colourful sticky notes.”



Whatsapp: For those that need to contact (including call) friends and family abroad

Sarah Howard, Content Contributor


“I use Whatsapp on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family abroad.”




What apps mentioned do you already use? And which ones are you hoping to try? Leave us comments on apps you love that we missed! Chic Geek wishes you the best of luck in reaching your 2017 resolutions.

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