A Year in Review: WINS, worst moments, lessons learned and goals for 2017

February 8, 2017

 I like January for three reasons:


  1. January was the month we hosted the first Chic Geek event in 2013.

  2. It’s my birthday (January 29th, in case you’re curious)

  3. It’s a fresh start!


The third one is my favourite because a clean slate makes me feel inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world. As I look back at the 2016 year at Chic Geek and forward at what 2017 has to bring, there are a few things I’d like to share with you.





Best Moments of 2016


​​Hosting the first ever Geeky Summit, a full-day conference for women in technology and entrepreneurship!


Growing the volunteer team from 9 to 24.

Hearing the journeys of mentees who participated in the Mentorship Program finale


Launching MeetnGeek and TechStep.

Raising $40,500 in sponsorship for our first Geeky Summit, in the midst of an economic downturn.

The team donated 3701.5 volunteer hours to run Chic Geek.

Generating nearly $35,000 in profit from Geeky Summit. These funds will go to running Chic Geek in 2017 and paying for our first staff member!

Hosting a pilot event in Vancouver. Built some great relationships with partners and supporters in BC!

Being accepted into the ATBX Accelerator program, which gives us access to free office space and mentors to help grow our organization!



Worst moments of 2016

Selling tickets to Geeky Summit was nerve-wracking! It was a sold-out event, but most tickets came in within 5 days of the event. Note to self: If you want to go grey early, be an event planner.


We said goodbye to 5 volunteers. Life and priorities change when you’re a volunteer, but each person that has come through the doors at Chic Geek has contributed to the team and the organization. It’s always tough to say goodbye.



Lessons Learned from 2016


Chasing your dreams can be terrifying. Geeky Summit was a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) for us. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it right and create something worthwhile for our community. The months leading up to Geeky Summit were some of the toughest we’ve faced as a volunteer team. It made us stronger and showed us what we were capable of, but it wasn’t easy.


Perfection is not something worth striving for. It makes you freeze, preventing you from trying new things or experimenting.


The key to success is relationships. Our work in 2016 wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing partners, sponsors and supporters we count in our community.




Goals for 2017

  • Launch a merchandise line to increase revenue streams for Chic Geek so we can be financially independent. This enables us to run programs and events that stay true to our mission and vision.

  • Do a better job at capturing impact and data in our programs

  • Profile 15 more women as role-models in technology (in our blog, at our events, etc.)

  • Make Geeky Summit 2017 bigger and better than last year!



Thank you for being part of the Chic Geek journey. If you’d like to get involved with us, we have a bunch of volunteer openings! Check them out!


Looking forward to seeing you in 2017!





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